Forklift Handling is a leading provider of a complete range of material handling equipment from leading manufacturers, including Crown, Toyota, Clark, Doosan, and Hyster.

These solutions include petrol, diesel, and electric forklifts that are refurbished and restored to original factory quality, offering our clients a range of electric forklifts and related services like repairs and maintenance at a lower cost and with the same levels of dependability, safety, and performance.

Refurbished electric forklifts from Crown, Toyota, Clark, Doosan, and Hyster

We offer a complete range of quality electric forklifts for sale and hire. This selection includes a range of fully refurbished solutions from leading manufacturers like Crown, Toyota, Clark, Doosan, and Hyster.

Each of these electric forklifts has been refurbished to impeccable condition, ensuring you benefit from the reliability and performance of factory-condition forklifts at a competitive price.

Rent or buy electric forklifts

We also offer industry-leading short-term, long-term, ad-hoc, daily, weekly, and monthly solutions with comprehensive rental services for electric forklifts. As a result, our clients enjoy a cost-effective solution that saves money and time in the short term when they need it the most.

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