Lift trucks and Forklift Rental Services

Forklift Rentals in Johannesburg

At Forklift Handling, we understand that business is dynamic and your handling requirements

Forklift Handling represents a team of specialists that allows us to provide a complete range of forklift-related services to our diverse client base. This includes Lift trucks and Forklift Rentals in Johannesburg.

We provide everything a facility needs to ensure its forklifts’ continual operation! Whether through our Lift trucks and Forklift Rental and hiring services or through professionally delivered forklift repairs and maintenance services that provide minimal downtime, maximum performance, and outstanding reliability.

At Forklift Handling, we understand that business is dynamic, and your handling requirements may change. We can provide a solution for you by deploying forklifts to rent across Gauteng on casual or short-term rental options. This ensures that you keep up with the operational requirements within your business and maintain your service levels to your customer.

We have a wide range of tailor-made Forklift Rentals in Johannesburg to help you meet your requirements within your budget. With a variety of rental options, namely long-term, Short-term, adhoc, daily, weekly & monthly rental solutions, you’re sure to find the right fit for your requirements. Offering rentals in a multitude of weight options, including 1.5 ton, 1.8 ton,3 ton, 4 ton, 4.5 ton, 5 ton and 7 ton; with Diesel, Electric and Petrol options.


Our Values

Honesty, Respect, Accountability, Teamwork, Customer Focus, Innovation, Integrity and Excellence in Management, Embrace and Drive Change, Pursue Growth and Learning, Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit, Passion and Determination in achieving lifting perfection.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve products and services for companies to exceed their expectation. We keep everyday life moving by unlocking the full potential of load handling in our customers’ businesses.

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