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At Forklift Handling, our mission is to improve products and services for companies to exceed their expectations. We keep everyday life moving by unlocking the full potential of load handling in our customers’ businesses. In Johannesburg, we specialize in forklift repairs, rental, and sales, providing comprehensive solutions for your material handling needs.




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    Welcome to forklift handling, the home of lifting perfection.

    We are a trusted and leading supplier of a complete range of services and offers for forklifts, including forklift sales, repairs, maintenance, and rental services that ensure continued efficiency for forklift trucks in facilities across South Africa.

    We boast a team of highly experienced and skilled experts who are committed to ensuring complete client satisfaction, and our broad range of offers provides the ideal solution for a range of industrial and commercial challenges and applications.

    Services Offered by Forklift Handling

    Our complete range of specialized forklift sales,

    , and rental services ensure that our clients have access to the solutions they need when they need them. We ensure that they are offered with minimal downtime and at less of a cost to you.

    Forklift Sales

    We sell a comprehensive selection of forklifts for various applications and needs, all at the highest possible quality, at competitive prices, and sourced from world-leading brands like Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, TCM, Clark, Doosan, and Hyster.

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    Forklift Rentals

    We also offer industry-leading short-term, long-term, ad-hoc, daily, weekly, and monthly solutions with comprehensive rental services for forklift trucks. This provides our clients with a cost-effective, when-needed solution that saves money and time in the short-term.

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    Forklift Refurbishments

    We can breathe new life into old or damaged forklifts with quality-driven, affordable refurbishment services that are conducted by veteran industry experts. This also gives our clients access to affordable used forklifts that offer exceptional performance and dependability.

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    Forklift Maintenance

    We can assist with ensuring that your forklifts are in consistently good condition with comprehensive and professionally conducted forklift maintenance services. Backed by years of industry success and insights, we guarantee to keep your forklifts working optimally for longer and at less of a cost.

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    If you would like to know more about our complete offers on forklift sales, repairs, maintenance, and rentals, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Forklift Handling today or continue browsing our website for details.


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    Our Values

    Honesty, Respect, Accountability, Teamwork, Customer Focus, Innovation, Integrity and Excellence in Management, Embrace and Drive Change, Pursue Growth and Learning, Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit, Passion and Determination in achieving lifting perfection.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to improve products and services for companies to exceed their expectation. We keep everyday life moving by unlocking the full potential of load handling in our customers’ businesses.

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