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Refurbished Forklifts


The option to buy or rent refurbished forklifts is generally a matter of practicality across all types of facilities. The amount you’re willing to spend depends a great deal on how, and how regularly you intend on using it.

A warehouse using a forklift to handle loads throughout the day has more need for fresher models than a facility that only uses it for a couple of hours at a time; but in both cases, low mileage means better reliability.

You might be quick to assume that the former case would have a case to opt away from pre-owned vehicles no matter their condition, but refurbished forklifts don’t automatically translate to significantly higher mileage and are certainly not an indicator of reliability.

The truth is that they can hold the same benefits as new forklifts, except at a much less of the price if you get them from a company that refurbishes them.

So, let’s go over some of the benefits of renting or buying refurbished forklifts.



It stands to reason that a pre-owned forklift costs less to invest in, but do you know exactly how much of a saving you can make from buying or renting refurbished forklifts?

To give you an idea, we at Forklift Handling sell refurbished forklifts at between 30% and 50% less than you would find a new model for, which is a substantial saving for any business, let alone the ones that use forklifts infrequently.

Now, you might think that a margin this large must come at a hefty cost to what you get for the price, but the condition, value, warranties, and upkeep, are negligible, if not at all affected.

While we are on the topic of cost, there is something to note about the sell-value of a refurbished forklift. A refurbished forklift would never have the same sell value as a new one, but in terms of its long-term depreciation, the restoration keeps its value fairly steady.



A major concern for any investment is how long it will serve you and is often one that puts people off the idea of refurbished forklifts.

Truth be told, that is precisely the reason why the forklift is being refurbished in the first place – to give it many more years of reliable service.

Restorations are comprehensive, that is to say, they are thorough, and are done with the goal of restoring the forklift to its original condition in terms of performance, appearance, safety, and yes… lifespan.



If you are concerned about whether you will receive a warranty with refurbished forklifts, you need not. Most companies that offer refurbishments should also be able to give you a warranty on them that is just as comprehensive as the ones you get for new models.

Forklifts are workhorses, and anyone restoring them understands the kind of pressure their components need to be able to withstand, but we also understand how important it is to keep downtime to a minimum.

Our warranty on refurbished forklifts, for instance, includes a loan vehicle to ensure your operations continue while services are conducted.



Whether brand new or pre-owned, forklifts require maintenance every 300 hours or 6 months, depending on how frequently they are used, so having someone who you trust to maintain your machines is important.

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